Golden Wisp Episode 118: Un'Goro Card Review #1

This week on the Golden Wisp, Hunter and Alec talk about Trump and Firebat, the newest Un'Goro cards, the ESL Trinity Series finale and what to do about pirate warrior. 

Episode 118 of everyone's favorite 0-cost podcast!

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This week's topics:


  1. Firebat Departs C9
  2. Trump Leaves TSM, Joins Tempo Storm
  3. Team Celestial, TongFu, eStar and Other Chinese Teams Disband
  4. Mike Donais Introduces Elementals
  5. TJ Sanders Joins Blizzard
  6. Updated List of Un'Goro Cards

Tournament News

  1. ESL Trinity Series Finals (vods)
  2. ONOG South by Southwest (vods)
  3. Hearthstone Esports Schedule

The Meta

  1. Vicious Syndicate Snapshot
  2. TempoStorm Meta Snapshop

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