Golden Wisp Episode 117: The Calm Before the Meteor Storm

This week on the Golden Wisp, Hunter and Alec talk about Danny Pudi's adventure through Ungoro, the Pax East Major and the first Data Reaper report since the nerfs!

Episode 117 of everyone's favorite 0-cost podcast!

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This week's topics:


  1. Wonders of Un'goro Episode 1 (with Danny Pudi)
  2. Blizzard Raises the Price of Packs
  3. Top Arena Players February 2017
  4. Kripparian Interview with Rolling Stone
  5. Cydonia Signs with TSM
  6. CLG Drops Xixo, Surrender, and Hoej
  7. Blizzcon 2017 Announced

Tournament News

  1. ONOG Pax East Major (vods)
  2. Hearthstone Esports Schedule

The Meta

  1. Vicious Syndicate Snapshot
  2. TempoStorm Meta Snapshop

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