Golden Wisp Episode 112: The People vs. Team 5

This week on the Golden Wisp, Hunter and Alec once again discuss a Ben Brode response post, go over week three of the ESL Trinity Series and the Kinguin for Charity tournament, and show you how to play Rage's Djinni Priest. Don't chastise us for our inability to pronounce that word!

Episode 112 of everyone's favorite 0-cost podcast!

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This week's topics:


  1. Boss Battle Royal Winrates from last week
  2. Ben Brode on Shaman, the Meta, and Balance
  3. New Expansion Theme Leaked??
  4. Global Games Format Announced

Tournament News

  1. ESL Trinity Series (vods)
  2. Sottle on 'Why You Should be Watching the ESL Trinity Series
  3. Kinguin for Charity (vods)
  4. Hearthstone Esports Schedule

The Meta

  1. Vicious Syndicate Snapshot
  2. TempoStorm Meta Snapshot

Decklist of the Week!

  1. Rage's Djinni OTK Priest (note: we played -2 loot hoarders, + shadow word death + cabal shadowpriest)

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