Golden Wisp Episode 77: Oh Deer...Jason

Episode 77 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:


  1. Blizzard and Facebook partner for Facebook live
  2. May top 100 (NA) (EU)
  3. Asmodai joins Team Complexity
  4. Orange leaves Team Archon
  5. Team Hearthlytics Disbands
  6. Shevek article
  7. Nydra article

Interview with DeerJason


Tournament News

  1. Xfinity Invitational (vods & info)
  2. Game of the week Chakki Aggro Shaman vs Amnesiac Control Shaman
  3. Starladder iSeries (vods & info)
  4. Hearthstone Esports Schedule


  1. Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot
  2. Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper Report
  3. Live Meta Tracker

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