Golden Wisp Episode 46: Shifting through Blizzcon

Episode 46 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:

  1. Who's the Boss Now Tavern Brawl
  2. Activision Blizzard launches new division dedicated to eSports
  3. Japan players get free packs!
  4. Frodan article on positive energy and casting
  5. Brian Kibler on Silence in Hearthstone
  6. Challengestone 4
  7. HS Arena
  8. Tournament Meta
  9. BLIZZCON predictions
  10. The Meta
  11. Decklist of the week: New Grim Patron Warrior
  12. iTunes Reviews and thanks

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Frodan article on casting:

Brian Kibler on Silence:

Blizzcon groups and classes:

Decklist of the week:

Tempo Storm meta snapshot:

Liquidhearth Power Rankings: