Golden Wisp Episode 45: Nias, The People's Champ

Episode 45 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:

  1. Alec casting community gaming league tournament in NYC this weekend
  2. Overwatch Beta coming October 27th 
  3. Randomonium Tavern Brawl
  4. Patron nerf is live!
  5. Reactions to Patron nerf
  6. ADWCTA video
  7. Ben Brode Designer Insights Video
  8. Nias Interview
  9. Play It Cool 24 Hour Stream
  10. Starladder Series Finals
  11. Tournament Meta
  12. The Meta
  13. iTunes Reviews

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Nias links - Twitter: @nias1HS, Twitch:

Community Gaming League Tournament in NYC:

PC Gamer Article with pro reactions to patron nerf:

Ben Brode on Patron:

ADWCTA on the nerf:

Game of the Week: Stancifka on Control Warrior vs. Thijs on Secret Paladin: