Golden Wisp Episode 33: Feeling all Inspired!

Episode 33 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:

  1. The Grand Tournament!
  2. No Patron nerf planned at this time
  3. Complexity adds Waffster
  4. Team Fnatic disbanding Hearthstone division
  5. Kaldi joins Tempo Storm
  6. Xixo coin-flipping incident
  7. New card reviews!
  8. AICC NA Qualifier
  9. ROOT invitational #2
  10. ATLC Week 4
  11. Hearthstone Pro League
  12. The Meta

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the Week is Sjow on Patron Warrior vs. Firebat on Zoo:

Visual sheet for new cards:

Tempostorm meta Snapshot:

Liquidhearth power rankings: