Golden Wisp Episode 30: Feels Soooo Good to Be Back!

Episode 30 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:

  1. New Expansion Teased for July 22nd
  2. Blizzard hasn’t ruled out visual differences on tokens for alternate heroes
  3. Ben Brode said they are not planning on adding new classes at the moment
  4. Team Archon expanding into Dota 2
  5. Heartharena tier list updated!
  6. HTC Recharged Tournament
  7. Archon Team Pro League
  8. Hearthstone Pro League
  9. Upcoming Hearthstone Tournaments
  10. The Meta
  11. Decklist of the week: Crusher's Combo Priest

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the Week is Sjow on Zoo vs Kranich on Control Warrior Game 5:

New Expansion Teaser:

Heartharena Tier List:

HTC Recharged:

Crusher's Combo Priest:

Check out Crusher’s twitch at