Golden Wisp Episode 29: We're All About Dem Traps

Episode 29 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

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This week's topics:

  1. Heroes of the Storm & Heroes of the Storm Cardback Released
  2. 'The Inn Crowd' - New Tempo Storm animated series
  3. Challengestone 2 Announced - June 27-28
  4. - New site with tons of Hearthstone Statistics
  5. Vulcun Announces $50k Hearthstone League with an open qualifier
  6. Brian Kibler Dragon Paladin Article
  7. Eric Dodds - "We can't keep making cards"
  8. Viagame House Cup 3
  9. Upcoming Hearthstone Tournaments
  10. The Meta
  11. Decklist of the week: RomanP's Trap Hunter

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the Week: Firebat's Shaman vs Handsomeguy's Priest: (SURPRISE LIGHTWELL ENDING):

Heroes of the Storm Cardback:

Challengestone 2: - New Hearthstone site for statistics

Vulcun Hearthstone League-

Brian Kibler on Dragon Pally:

Eric Dodd's Interview:

Viagame House Cup 3:

RomanP's Trap Hunter:

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