Golden Wisp Episode 23

Episode 23 of everyone's favorite 0 cost podcast!

This week's topics:

  1. Naiman banned and dropped from team Dignitas
  2. Team Celestial formed
  3. Hotform picked up by Root Gaming
  4. Sjow picked up by Team Liquid
  5. Fnatic partners with Twitch; Fnatic finally returns
  6. Blackrock Spire out; Blackwing Lair this week
  7. Kinguin for Charity: Easter Edition
  8. Gfinity Spring Masters
  9. World Cyber Arena NA qualifiers
  10. Kinguin Pro League
  11. Upcoming Tournaments
  12. The Meta
  13. Decklist of the week: Tides Mill/Combo Druid

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the week: TidesofTime's Mill/Combo Druid vs Chakki Priest:

Naiman banned:

Team Celestial Formed:

Hotform joins Root:

Sjow picked up by Team Liquid:

Fnatic partners with Twitch:

Fnatic Kaldi's stream:

Blackrock Mountain Overview:

Kinguin for Charity vods:

Gfinity Spring Masters vods:

World Cyber Arena vods:

KPL vods:

Tidesoftime's Mill/Combo druid:

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