Golden Wisp Episode 17

Episode 17 of everyone's favorite 0 cost minion!

This week's topics:

  1. Firebat & Purpledrank join Archon
  2. TempoStorm qualifies for NEL playoffs
  3. Mobile Update
  4. Blackrock Mountain Officially Announced
  5. Blackrock Mountain Card Discussion
  6. Root Gaming Invitational
  7. Kinguin Pro League
  8. Pinnacle Qualifier Qualifiers
  9. Upcoming Tournaments
  10. The Current Ladder Meta
  11. Decklist of the Week: H2K Pesty and Inderen’s Tempo Mage

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the Week:

TempoStorm qualifies for NEL playoffs:

Blackrock Mountain Official Announcement:

Spoiled Blackrock Mountain Cards so far:

Root Invitational Vods:

Kinguin Pro League:

Kinguin Pro League Vods:

Blizzcon Points Standings:

H2K Pesty and Inderen’s Tempo Mage:

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