Golden Wisp Episode 16

Episode 16 of everyone's favorite 0 cost minion!

This week's topics:

  1. Frodan Joins Twitch
  2. Warsong Commander Fix Coming Soon
  3. Blackrock Mountain Card Leaks
  4. Pinnacle 3
  5. Hearthstats League Finals
  6. Kinguin for Charity Spring
  7. Kinguin Pro League
  8. Current Blizzcon Points Update
  9. Haters Gonna Hate: Big Game Hunter
  10. The Current Ladder Meta
  11. Decklist of the Week: Goobysenchou's Shaman

Here are the links we discussed for this week's episode:

Game of the Week:

Frodan Joins Twitch:

Blackrock Mountain Card Leaks:

Pinnacle 3 vods:

Hearthstats League Finals vods:

Kinguin for Charity Spring & Kinguin Pro League vods:

Blizzcon Points Standings:

Brian Kibler's "I've Got the Fun in My Sights":

Gooby's Shaman:

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